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We have a very unique blending of new and old in our group on many levels. Most of us are from Southern California but we have camp members from all over the world. From Holland to Hawaii and many places in between. Our group has transformed over time, but we still share a common ideaology, to embrace our community of Black Rock City and have fun doing it.

Our camp offers daily events and hosts an ongoing celebration of his Noodly appendage, all of which are perfect for the newest to the oldest burners to partake in.

Every year we meet first time burners, provided them with hearty greetings, spiritual sanctuary, a safe haven and more often then not ended up with new camp mates!

Our values of inclusion, compassion, passion, community and profound devotion to our beliefs are what we're made of.

Our Leave No Trace Commitment

  • We have designated an LNT Director who is in charge of enforcing responsibility for insuring camp cleanliness.
  • All camp members agree to be personally and collectively responsible to Leave No Trace at our campsite as a condition of participation with our camp.
  • Everyone patrols the camp on a constant basis to asure there is no Matter Out Of Place.
  • We use reusable containers to transport our gear and supplies to the playa.
  • We build and maintain gray water evaporation ponds for our tent camp mates.
  • We will MOOP sweep through out the week and will conduct a final departure sweep inspecting of every square foot of our camp to leave no trace.
  • We will keep our recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables separated for easier disposal or recycling.
  • We will take care of any trash left by our guests, invited or otherwise.
  • We will tie down every tent and structure with cord and rebar stakes to prevent them from blowing away.
  • We will encourage guests in our camp to use their own cups, glasses, and utensils.
  • We will use a public burn barrel or burn platform for any burnable materials and follow the safety guidelines for fires and burn scar prevention.
  • We'll have self contained BBQ units and RV's for cooking that we won't leave any ash or waste behind.
  • We will pack out everything we bring in that is not burned in a public burn barrel.
  • We will NEVER put any trash into the port-o-potties or leave any trash near the potties. If it doesn't come out of our bodies, it won't go in the potties.